For Immediate Release

Rancho Leona
La Virgen, Sarapiqui, Heredia, Costa Rica
Leona Wellington  

Rancho Leona Sarapiqui River Lodge is undergoing some renovations and is not taking guests for the month of June, 2010

(12/1/2005) Rancho Leona located in the Sarapiqui River and Rainforest region of Costa Rica will soon be back to business better than ever with a new look. Though guests will discover the same eclectic, rustic, relaxed feel and flavor as it had in the past. This region is off the beaten path and often overlooked by tourists coming to Costa Rica. But it offers some of the best when it comes to exploring the lush tropical rainforests and whitewater rivers. Rancho Leona can guide tourists to the wonders of this beautiful region.


Rancho Leona has been in business in La Virgen for over 20 years. In the past the lodge catered to groups of kayakers and was a bit of a bunkhouse. It is still rustic, but with special touches such as the many beautiful pieces of stained glass which can be seen around the lodge. It offers a relaxed family atmosphere. Diversity and eclectic is the word here with visitors from all over the world.


Leona Wellington, owner of Rancho Leona says, We did well for many years, especially with boaters but we had a couple of rough years recently. The earthquake in Vara Blanca, the mud slides in the river, and of course the closing of the scenic Vara Blanca road ,  had a big effect on us, and on the river.  Fortunately the river has completely recuperated, and our kayaking enthusiasts say that it is now better than ever. Class II, III, and IV start in the same places, and the gradation is more consistent.  We are presently doing some renovations at Rancho Leona and expect to offer new services to our guests, in the near future. Visit our website  and if you have any questions, write through the web form or at: to find out the latest news..



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